Individual and Couples Therapy
* Anxiety, Depression & Panic Issues
* Pregnancy & Postpartum
* Infertility Counseling
* Grief and Loss Issues
* Unexpected Outcomes
* Challenging Relationships in Family, Friend & Workplace Settings
* Personal Growth/Goals/Options/Transitions
* Areas of “feeling stuck”


Medication Assessment & Management

* Anxiety, Depression, Mood & Panic Issues
* Unresolved Grief/Depression
* Pregnancy & Postpartum
* Situational Events In Which Short Term Assistance May Be Needed


Mental Health Evaluations & Assessments

* Egg/Sperm Donors Referred By Infertility Clinics or Agencies
* Surrogates or Getational Carriers
* Couples Who Are Receiving Donated Eggs, Embryos or Using a Gestational Carrier or Surrogate
* Assessment/Educational/Clarifications Sessions with Individuals & Couples Who are:

                     – Receiving Donated Eggs/Sperm,Embryos
                     – Using a Gestational/Surrogate to Address Potential Interpersonal/Psychological Impact of
                       Decisions on Them & Their Families

* Joint Assessment/Educational/Clarification Sessions with Recipients and Their Donaors or Carriers