Dr. Kieffer-Andrews


Dr. Kieffer-Andrews provides mental health therapy/counseling and psychotropic medication assessment and management for individuals and couples over ther age of 19. Her areas of specialty are: pregnancy, postpartum, infertility and unexpected loss.   

Professional Achievements

Dr. Kieffer-Andrews has a rich professional background as an obstetric nurse, public health nurse, certified nurse-midwife, as well as a public and private educator. She has presented workshops to professional and public groups; and appeared on radio, television, and print media. Her formal educational background is diverse and includes holistic nursing, nurse midwifery, clinical psychology, biomedical ethics, theology and philosophy. 

Dr. Kieffer-Andrews is licensed as a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner in practive for over 20 years. Her psychiatric career includes 3 1/2 years in a community mental health center both in the crisis clinic and programs for those with serious mental illness. She served as the clinical director and assisted in the establishment of the first homeless shelter in Arizona for individuals with serious mental inllness.


Associate in Arts Immaculata Junior College, 1968
Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Loyola University of Chicago, 1972
Master’s of Science in Maternal Child Nursing & Nurse Midwifery University of Utah, 1977
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology & Biomedical Ethics: Union Institute & University, 1992

Therapeutic & Practice Style

Dr. Kieffer-Andrew’s style of practice is empathic, encouraging, validating, educating, and challenging. She is known to have a warm, but no-nonsense style. This is based upon her study of Alfred Adler (a contemporary of Sigmund Frued & Carl Jung) who developed a therapeutic model of personal and social responsibility. Dr Adler outlined the primary motivations of behavior and ways to understand and change behavior to attain personal integration and happiness.

Dr. Kieffer-Andrews draws upon her extensive nursing and nurse-midwifery education and experience, which emphasized hoistic principles and modalities for attaining and maintaining optimal health. She integrates science, biology, neurology, psychology, world resligions ,and philosophy into each plan of care and education of each person and their unique needs.